President’s Message

Thank you for having the confidence in reelecting me as your leader for 2018. I am indeed privileged and honoured to be trusted to lead your Association to a new era.

I look forward to sharing an exciting year ahead with all AMWA members. 2017 was a tremendously successful year for AMWA which saw expansion in the number, size and quality of events run, for the benefit of our members and friends of Malaysian origin.

This year, we will continue to grow the membership, constantly look for new opportunities to benefit our members and further develop our signature initiatives such as the Chinese New year and the Diwali event. There are a number of exciting initiatives and opportunities in the pipeline and I look forward to working with the Executive over the coming months to bring these to fruition. I will extend my olive branch to the students who are in the various tertiary Institutions in Perth and also the Consuls office to work with us collaboratively in promoting the ideals and policies of AMWA.

I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead. This year will mark the 61st anniversary of Merdeka and am hoping that all Malaysians living in Western Australia will join us to celebrate this milestone.

Your Association has also committed to organizing the Merdeka Commemoration Service for 2018 which was previously run by the Borneo Veterans Association and RSL. This will be a major undertaking for your Association and we will be asking all Malaysians help us organize this event. This will also open the door for all Malaysians who had served the Malaysian Forces in any capacity to participate in the Commemoration service which will be held in August. Watch the space for further announcements.

AMWA being an independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization is solely dedicated to providing a wide variety of services to all Malaysians and former Malaysians residing in Western Australia

I urge all members to come along with the EXCO and help us forge unity and success in all our undertakings. With your support we will be able to achieve our aims and aspirations

Dr S. Pushpalingam

President AMWA


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